Manage Menus


A menu is the main component of any restaurant. For this reason, it is essential to learn how to manage your menus from the administrator panel. We recommend that you have all the necessary information regarding each menu ready, including images, when you are creating a new menu item.

[insert main menu page]

The above image shows what the menu page looks like on the administrator panel.

On this page, you can Create, Edit and Delete menu item(s). The following attributes are visible on this page for each individual menu item: Name,Price,Category, Stock Quantity, Status and ID.

Action Summary

Filtering the Menu List

To filter your list for easy selection of menu items, click on the Filter button in the top right hand corner of the page, (below the Delete button). You can now filter your menu list by Category and/or Status. Press the x to clear and start a new filter selection.

Clicking the Edit button on the left of the page will open up the individual menu item and its corresponding information.

The menu attributes are grouped into three tabs; Menu, Menu Options and Specials

[Insert menu/menu image]

Under the Menu tab, the following fields can be found:

  • Name: Give your menu a name
  • Description: Add a brief description of this menu
  • Price: Enter full price of this item. To change the default currency, See Localistaion/ Currencies.
  • Category: Select a category for this menu. Categories can be added and deleted in Categories accessed under Kitchen.
  • Image: Add an image of this item. To change an existing image, click Delete, then select to choose an existing image from your Media Manager. To add and delete images to your Media Manager, see Tools/Image Manager
  • Stock Quantity: Enter the amount of stock available. This amount can be set to zero to represent unlimited stock quantity.
  • Minimum Quantity: Enter the minimum quantity that can be ordered by customers.
  • Subtract Stock: Select Yes for menu orders to be subtracted from original stock quantity.
  • Status: Select enabled or disabled for this item. Selecting disabled will remove this item from view in the store front.

[Insert menu/menu options image]

Under this Menu Options tab, the following field can now be seen:

  • Menu Option: Type in the menu option you wish to edit for its corresponding values to appear.

To assign an existing option value, simply click the blue + below the last row, and the corresponding fields will appear.

The following will appear after you have a selected a menu option

  • Option Required: In this field, select Enabled if a customer MUST choose this option. If this option is not required, select Disabled
  • Option Value: Select the option value. Option values can be created,edited, deleted in Options, accessed under Kitchen
  • Option Price: Enter the price of this option
  • Option Quantity: Enter the amount of stock available for this option value. This amount can be set to zero to represent unlimited stock quantity.
  • Option Subtract Stock: Select Yes for menu orders to be subtracted from original stock quantity
  • ID: A unique ID will be automatically generated by the system for your reference

Click the save button after any changes have been made.

Specials Tab

[Insert menu/specials image]

When you click on this tab, the following field is now visible

  • Special: Select disable to deactivate Special. Select Enable to activate Special and enter the Start Date, End Date and price of your Special item.
  • Start Date: Select the date this special is available from
  • End Date: Select the date this special ends
  • Special Price: Enter the Special rate of this item

Creating and saving a menu item

Clicking Create in the top right corner of the main Menu screen will direct you to a form to add new menu items.

Click Save to create the new menu after all information is entered.

Deleting a menu item

To delete a menu item from your menu list, simply check the individual box in the first column of the item you want to delete, then click Delete in the top right hand corner of the page.

To delete the entire menu list at once, click the check-box in the top left corner of your screen. All items in the list will now be selected. Now click delete in the top right corner of the screen. This will permanently remove all menu items and their information.

Deleting a menu item will permanently remove it, and its information from the menu.

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