Getting Started

There are a number of steps required after installing TastyIgniter to get started receiving orders from your online store. This guide will help you getting started

Get Started

This guide will primarily focus on Admin interface functions and settings. These settings should be tested on the frontend before your site is launched. Following the steps in this guide will get your store to live (ready-to-use) state from installation. This guide assumes that you have admin login credentials and are able to login to your Admin interface, for example:

General Settings

Start by setting your system settings. Under General Tab you will need to set your store's name, email, country, timezone, date and time format, currency, default language, customer group, site logo, meta description and meta keyword.

General Tab on Settings Page

Local Settings

Under Local Settings you will need to set your address, optional google maps api key and distance unit. These will be used for your store's contact page.

You do not require the API key for Google Maps API, however if you encounter any problem is it suggested that you register for a free API key.

Local Tab on Settings Page

Options Tab

Order Settings

Reservation Settings

Image Settings

Mail Settings

Server Settings

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